Step 1 - Verify Your Identity
  Only pastors with a valid ministerial credential can register.  Once registered, pastors can create additional users who can login and manage their church data.  If you are unable to use your credential number and DOB you will need to contact the credentialing office to ensure your information is accurate.
Ministerial Credential Number
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  Step 2 - Provide User Information
  The email address you specify below will become your username, and the password will be used to log into the system in the future.
Full Name
Email Address
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  Step 3 - Choose Your Church From The List Below
  If your church name and district are incorrect or not available in the list below, cancel this registration and contact the credentialing office to have your information corrected in the database before registering.
Select Your Church:
  Step 4 - Provide Contact Information
  This information is only visible to the assembly headquarters and will be used to send important alerts, if you do not have a treasurer you can enter your own cell phone number in both fields, this is required information.
Your Cell Phone #   Example 909-555-1212
Treasurer's Cell Phone #   Example 909-555-1212